More than a Market

Meats Block 4

JV Kieslich, right, with clerk Larry Parizo.


Kieslich’s Market, located in the heart of the German community, was renowned for its vast selection of meat. Homemade sausage, head cheese, and corned beef headlined a dizzying array of cuts of beef, pork, veal, and lamb. Summer visitors would stock up on meats before heading home at the end of the season.

JV wore woven butcher cuffs to protect his forearms while cutting meat. The cuffs slid on to fit between the wrist and elbow. His son Albert wore them as well, fabricated of leather in later years.


Albert’s daughter, Marie, never developed a taste for McKenzie Pickled Polish Sausage, which sat in a jar on the counter for customers hungry for a quick snack.