More than a Market

Community of Markets Block 2

Photo courtesy of Louis Mario Izzo.

Generations and cultures mingled in the blocks around Izzo’s and Georges Markets. Italian, Jewish, and Lebanese markets operated doors away from each other, with neighborliness more often the case than competition.  Louis and Concetta Izzo purchased a row of buildings  extending from their second market at 38 Pearl Street to their house at 58 Pearl Street. Their children and their families occupied apartments within these buildings. After they leased 38 Pearl Street to George D. “Georgie” George, the adult Izzo sons and their families continued to live upstairs

Jeannette Izzo, daughter-in-law of Louis and Concetta, lived with her husband Mario Izzo and their children and operated a beauty salon above George’s Market. Photo courtesy of Louis Mario Izzo.


Three generations of the Lebanese Allen family lived in one of the Izzo-owned buildings, as well, and operated a barbershop and ice cream store on the street level. The children of these market owners and residents spent their days on the streets, shooting marbles, playing basketball and baseball in backyards, trading baseball cards, and venturing to Battery Park on Lake Champlain to play wiffle ball and baseball.